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Mar 10, 2020

Spanish Flu, Jill Biden, V for Vendetta, The Wachowskis, Guy Fawkes, Recusancy, Pope Benedict XVI, Spanish Personal Pronouns, Pope John Paul II, Consecrated Life, Second Vatican Council, Society of Jesus, Religious Order (Catholic), Rwanda, Flag of Rwanda, Flags of Africa, Year of Africa, Samoa, American Samoa, Tom &...

Feb 26, 2020

Friday the 13th, Catch-22, Idris Elba, Annulment, Happy Madison Productions, John Amos, Jews, Sephardi Jews, Ashkenazi Jews, Black Hebrew Israelites, Barack Obama, Donald Trump Jr., Triggered (Donald Trump Jr. book), Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Martin Lawrence, Robert de Niro


Feb 18, 2020

Rat King, Black Rat, Brown Rat, Ric Flair, Charlotte Flair, Lindsay Lohan, Pornographic Film Actor, Fapping, Cathedral, Womyn, International Sign, Esperanto, Wild Men of Borneo, Satyr


Feb 11, 2020

Thong, Mons pubis, Hanabira, Vajazzle, Monokini, Anthony Pettis, G-string, Perineum, Klaus (film), Malcom X, Whale tail, Lexicography, Grant Barrett, Cheetos, American Dialect Society, Chewing Gum Ban in Singapore, Joe Frazier, Muhammad Ali, Incest, Milk Kinship, Maasai People

Jan 28, 2020

Constantinople, Dentistry, Book of Revelation, Second Coming, Étouffée, Desalination, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Civet, Cigarette, Health Effects of Tobacco, Boston Strangler